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Dropshipping Program


#1 If you have a website or are selling on platforms like eBay or Amazon, customers can place orders for your products and pay you directly. 

#2 To fulfill these orders, you can send them to our trusted partner, SMITH DISTRIBUTORS, where you can sign into your wholesale account and pay the wholesale price. 

#3 This allows you to keep either a 30% or 40% discount profit margin. Our drop shipping service is completely anonymous, meaning we will ship the products directly to your customers without any branding or labeling. This way, you can make money without any hassle.line-page.jpgINTRODUCTION -

Greetings and welcome! We're here to help you learn about a great way to earn money. Being an Independent Distributor or Business Owner is an excellent way to generate income and our Dropshipping program is perfect for seasoned professionals. We'll provide you with step-by-step instructions to help you resell our SMITH DISTRIBUTORS PRODUCTS.

At SMITH DISTRIBUTORS, we offer Dropshipping services to all our customers at no extra charge. Whether you're planning to create a general online store, sell on eBay, or something more specialized like catalog sales, mail order, flea markets, or retail stores, you'll find all the stock you need at We take care of everything, so you don't have to worry about costly inventories or complicated online account systems.

Dropshipping is a business model where you don't keep goods in stock. Instead, you transfer your customer's orders and shipment details to, and we ship the goods directly to your customers. You keep the price difference during the transaction. Dropshipping is a service offered by some suppliers, and it means you don't have to worry about stocking or shipping products.

As a retailer, you can sell a variety of products without ever having to stock any inventory whatsoever, making drop-shipping very appealing for new, small, home-based online businesses. We've been serving online stores, including eBay sellers, Amazon, and retail stores, for over 20 years. They buy items from us and choose our Drop Shipping service to ship items to their customers, friends, and family directly.


How Does SMITH DISTRIBUTORS Dropshipping Work?


If you're looking to start an online business selling products but don't have the money or space to keep inventory, working with a trustworthy drop shipper is a great option. Drop shippers are suppliers who will ship products directly to your customers, so you don't have to keep any inventory yourself. Finding a reliable drop shipper can be difficult, but it's worth it to save money and reduce risks.

As a drop shipper, SMITH DISTRIBUTORS offers several benefits:

1) You can start your business with minimal investment and risk
2) You don't have to maintain expensive inventory or a warehouse
3) You can sell a wide variety of products without investing in inventory
4) You don't have to pay for inventory upfront or worry about products not selling
5) You don't need to buy packing materials or shipping labels or have a shipping account
6) You don't have to spend time packaging and mailing products
7) You can use SMITH DISTRIBUTORS' product images and descriptions to help with sales
8) There's no minimum order - buy as much or as little as you need
9) You can purchase products at wholesale price and set your retail price for greater profits.


The example: You will see how different price in our products:

      14125.jpg                       10018734.jpg                      10018438.jpg


      RETAIL PRICE - $30.99                       RETAIL PRICE - $166.99                               RETAIL PRICE - $278.99


Profits depend on your markup and the marketplace. We offer suggested retail prices on all products. It is already established the RETAIL PRICE of products on the website.

Wholesale Price with 30% OFF Discount / Profit Margins (SIGN UP FREE).

UPGRADE TO 40% OFF Discount / Profit Margins (PAID SUBSCRIBE MEMBER).

All you have to do subtract by calculation 30% OFF or 40% OFF will be your profit margin. The rest of it will be paying a wholesale price to our online store. Is it easy to do that right?


If you want to join and Sign Up for your 30% OFF DISCOUNT / PROFIT MARGINS (FREE) wholesale account

       (30% OFF DISCOUNT)                              (30% OFF DISCOUNT)                              (30% OFF DISCOUNT)

Retail Price (You Reseller) - $30.99        Retail Price (You Reseller) - $166.99       Retail Price (You Reseller) - $278.99
Wholesale Price (You Pay) - $21.69          Wholesale Price (You Pay- $116.89         Wholesale Price (You Pay) - $195.29
Profit Margins (25% OFF - $  9.30          Profit Margins (25% OFF - $   50.10         Profit Margins (25% OFF- $  83.70



(40% OFF DISCOUNT - MEMBER)           (40% OFF DISCOUNT - MEMBER)             (40% OFF DISCOUNT - MEMBER)

Retail Price (You Reseller) - $30.99         Retail Price (You Reseller) - $166.99         Retail Price (You Reseller) - $278.99
Wholesale Price (You Pay) - $18.59            Wholesale Price (You Pay) - $100.19           Wholesale Price (You Pay) - $167.39
Profit Margins (35% OFF- $12.40           Profit Margins (35% OFF - $66.80              Profit Margins (35% OFF- $111.60
line-page.jpgMember DI$COUNT Program - Step 1 to 8

wholesale-products-3.jpg*IMPORTANT*: If you are an international customer and wish to order from SMITH DISTRIBUTORS, please note that we do not directly ship orders outside the United States. However, we have an alternative solution for you. 

You can place an order with SMITH DISTRIBUTORS by signing up for a third-party mail forwarding service. This service gives you a domestic address in the United States, which will allow us to ship your order at our low or free domestic shipping rates. 

The mail forwarding service will handle the delivery of your order to your country, making it a simpler and more cost-effective option for our international customers. Please refer to the instructions below for more details on how to get started. 


To begin dropshipping, US customers can sign up for a free wholesale account by completing the registration process. Click on the "Businesses and Resellers - Click Below to Create Your Online Wholesale Account" or "SIGN UP FREE" button on our website. By doing so, you can get a 30% discount on your first order. Registration is quick and easy, and you'll have immediate access to pricing and the ability to start dropshipping right away.




Once you have created a free wholesale account, please log in to access it. While browsing, you will notice a significant difference in prices before and after logging in. This is because you will now be able to view prices at a 30% discount. We believe that starting your online business should not require an upfront fee. That is why we offer a free sign-up for a wholesale account, which allows for a 25% discount on profit margins.



ATTENTION: If you have already registered for a 30% discount on profit margins, your free wholesale account can be found on our Step 1 (A) website. 

To upgrade to a 40% discount, sign up for a free wholesale account and switch to the new discount. You will be required to pay a monthly membership fee of $14.95 or a yearly fee of $90.00Click on the link below to subscribe for a free trial after signing up for your wholesale account. 

 40-off.jpg subbutton.jpg  12485538-grunge-7-day-free-trial-rubber-stamp-vector-illustration.jpg


Search our catalog of 60,000+ products for products that fit your niche and organize them in custom lists that you can export to your eCommerce platform.

Discover products that you’d like to sell in our dropship catalog. Our latest count is well over 60,000+ products, so you have plenty to choose from! Organize your products into inventory lists that you can export seamlessly to your store.

Here is what we will have in new products:

CATALOGS - 10,000+ Accents, Appliances, Arts & Crafts, Baby & Kids, Bath and Body, Bathroom, Bedroom, Dining, Eco-Friendly, Electronics, Food and Beverage, Furniture, Garden, Health & Beauty, Holiday Decor, Home Decor, Home Improvement, Jewelry, Kitchen, Kitchen Appliances, Lighting, Living Room, Medical Supplies, Office, Outdoor, Pets, Sex Toys, Sports, Toys, Watches.

(Look at Below Step 4: 30 Categories - DATA FEED CSV File)


SEX TOYS - 40,000+ unique sex toys, 10,000+ lingerie, and sexy apparel. (50,000 ITEMS). "SEPARATE SITE"

(No CSV File Due Too Large Products, Only COPY & PASTE)


The next step is to figure out where to sell. The undisputed fact is, the more places you have products listed the more success you will have. The more popular places to sell are your website, Amazon, eBay, Bonanza, Social sites, etc. You can list any of our products for sale anywhere that you choose without any upfront costs for inventory.line-page.jpg

Step 3 - How to Start an Online Business

The majority of e-commerce websites on the internet are retail stores selling products directly to the public. If you're ready to be in charge of your destiny, but don’t have the capital to buy a franchise or open up a storefront, consider starting an online business. When your store is online, you can reach millions of customers instead of whoever happens to wander in - plus, you don't have to pay for retail space. However, as with any business, you'll need an excellent product and a solid marketing plan. See Step 1 to learn what it takes to start your business online. Learn How to Start your own Online Shop Business and Sell in your Website Step by Step.




Do you provide an inventory feed or Data Feed CSV File or INTEGRATIONS?

As a member, you have access to our Inventory files which are available in CSV and XLS formats and are updated multiple times daily. You can either get our full inventory file or create your custom file using our pre-formatted templates for various platforms such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, 3Dcart, Kreative, Amazon and CSV Inventory Lists EXCEL (Purchase Order System or Amazon FBA). Our inventory files include UPCs, pictures, retail prices, wholesale costs, inventory (in-stock), descriptions, titles, fixed shipping or FREE SHIPPING, and more.

You can import the CSV file with the UPCs into your website store, and it will save you time. Our wholesale price comes with a 30% off discount for free sign up or 40% off discount for paid subscription. You only need to subtract the discount percentage from the retail price to calculate your profit margin. The rest of the amount is the wholesale price you pay to our online store.

We update our data feed daily, including adding new products, updating inventory status and quantity, and removing discontinued items. You will be responsible for using the data feed to keep your website up to date.

Our SMITH DISTRIBUTORS API Integration allows third parties to build custom applications that interface with their SMITH DISTRIBUTORS membership account. You can integrate our inventory to automatically upload product data and sync inventory quantities with over 25 online store platforms, marketplaces, and multi-channel management platforms. Our API credentials are required to gain access to the service.

If you only need product images and descriptions, our Data Feed Plan is for you. Our data feeds are updated daily, and you can download them as often as you need to keep your website or marketplace account up to date.

If you're looking for product images and descriptions, our plan is perfect for you. Our data feeds are updated daily, allowing you to download them as frequently as you'd like to ensure that your website or marketplace account is current. We have UPCs available for all of our products, which you can import into your website store. This only needs to be done once during the start-up process, and all future updates will be sent to you via email in the form of a new CSV file.
There will have Pictures, Retail Prices, Wholesale Costs, Inventory (In-Stock), Descriptions, Titles, Fixed Shipping, UPC, etc.
SMITH DISTRIBUTORS will charge you for CSV File this time. Data Feed CSV File Fees for Processing.
(A) PACKAGE - Wholesale Price with 30% OFF Discount / Profit Margins: (SIGN UP FREE)
After you sign up for your free wholesale account.
  • The Original Fee was $60.00. We offer you a 50% OFF SPECIAL DISCOUNT on the fee is $30.00. You save $30.00 a fee.
  • There will be $2.00 fees (1 time) for EACH CATEGORY for CSV file processing.
  • There will be $30.00 fees (1 time) for 30 FULL CATEGORIES for CSV file processing.
  • (CLICK BELOW "FILL OUT THE FORM and we will be in contact with you shortly!")
  • If you want to have an UPDATE on the same CSV File, then Recurring feeds will automatically update on a daily schedule.
  • After 30 days the feed will expire, and you must create a new file if you need continued access.
  • It's FREE to provide for your UPDATE needs.
  • Just come to Contact Us to have a Live Chat or E-mail us either. We can e-mail you an Update for FREE
  • There will be 7 DAY FREE TRIAL, and after that will be a $29.99 fee (monthly30 FULL CATEGORIES (INTEGRATIONS) for Product data and inventory sync with no file uploads.
  • Please note: All fees are non-refundable.

(B) PACKAGE - Wholesale Price with 40% OFF Discount / Profit Margins: (SUBSCRIBE MEMBER)

After you sign up for your free wholesale account and SUBSCRIBE.

  • Included Package with $14.95 per month or $90.00 per year membership -
  • You will get a form of FREE CSV File processing with no fee at all.
  • If you want to have an UPDATE on the same CSV File, then Recurring feeds will automatically update on a daily schedule.
  • After 30 days the feed will expire, and you must create a new file if you need continued access.
  • It's FREE to provide for your UPDATE needs.
  • Just come to Contact Us to have a Live Chat or E-mail us to give you a private link FREE CSV File Form.
  • You will get FREE INTEGRATIONS with no fee at all for Product data and inventory sync with no file uploads.

 Wholesale Price with 40% OFF Discount / Profit Margins (PAID SUBSCRIBE). There will be CSV "Retail Price / Profit Margins / Wholesale Costs" Lists.

All you have to do is subtract by calculation that 30% OFF or 40% OFF will be your profit margin. The rest of it will be paying a wholesale price to our online store. Is it easy to do that right?

You look at the left column categories to pick 1 or 2 even a few - Pick 30 Categories to separate each file. You have to tell me what is specific to the category. If you have your website, then you can import this CSV to your website, it will save your time. There will have Pictures, Retail Prices, Wholesale Cost, Inventory (In-Stock), Descriptions, Titles, Fixed Shipping or FREE SHIPPING, etc. Is that neat?

If you are interested in having this, then please contact "Contact Us" and ask for Live Chat to give you a CSV File to start up. If you need any questions, ask "Live Chat Online"

Click on "Fill out the form and we will be in contact with you shortly!" to fill out the form. So, we can know what you want to see or import into your e-commerce. We will e-mail you with Data Feed CSV File.fill-out-the-form-button-free-marketing-assessment.jpg

line-page.jpgStep 5 - COLLECT THE PAYMENT

Once a product is sold, customers will pay you the retail price of the product. It's up to you to collect the payment from the buyer. You can choose from various payment options, such as credit card, PayPal, cash, check, or money order, depending on where you're selling your products. It's essential to select a payment method that suits your business needs.line-page.jpgStep 6 - PROCESS THE SALE WITH SMITH DISTRIBUTORS

After the buyer has paid you, log in to your Smith Distributors wholesale account and pay the product at wholesale price. Any money you receive above that cost is your profit. You also save time by managing orders from different suppliers all in one place. 

You will need to come to our website and use our search box to find the item you just sold, add it to the cart, enter your customer's shipping address and pay us for the order. You keep the money that is left. If your order is placed before 4 pm EST (1 pm PST) your order will ship the same day with tracking.line-page.jpgStep 7 - SAME DAY SHIPPING - PRODUCT GETS SHIPPED TO YOUR CUSTOMER

When placing an order through Smith Distributors, simply enter the customer's shipping address under your account and your job is done. Smith Distributors will ship the product directly to the customer on your behalf, saving you time and money on shipping costs.

Smith Distributors offers blind drop shipping of name brand products and more directly to your customers. If you ship an item to an address other than your registration address, it will ship in the blind. This means that no paperwork will show what you paid, and our company name will not be included on or with the package.

Orders placed before 4 pm EST (1 pm PST) Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) will be shipped the same day. The tracking information will be emailed and available on your account dashboard on the same day that the order ships. This will help you build a positive reputation and keep your customers happy.

Once you have placed the order and we have shipped it, it is important to send the tracking number to your customer, so they know when to expect it. You can follow up with a polite email a week or two after delivery, and even offer a coupon code to your website (if you have one) to encourage future purchases. This can turn your customers into lifelong customers.

Please note that your customer will be charged for shipping or FREE SHIPPING, or you can choose to bill them for the items they purchase. If you do not inform the customer about the shipping costs, you will be responsible for paying them.

If you want to order more than one item, Smith Distributors offers FREE SHIPPING to encourage buyers to add more items to their purchase. You can apply a FREE SHIPPING when a buyer purchases multiple items or offer carrier-specific discounts. These savings can benefit your customers.

We would like to encourage you to increase your sales and profits while also saving on shipping costs. SMITH DISTRIBUTORS provides FREE SHIPPING to customers who purchase more than one item from you.

To take advantage of this offer, please contact us through our Live Chat or Email Us for a Special-Order Invoice with FREE SHIPPNG.

We will promptly work on your invoice and bill you accordingly. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.line-page.jpgStep 8 - SELL AGAIN. PROFIT AGAIN

You keep the difference - that's your profit! The time you save by avoiding warehousing and shipping issues can be spent focusing on what you do best: researching new products, serving your customers, and selling!line-page.jpgDROPSHIPPING - FAQ

Dropshipping FAQs contain top questions asked about SMITH DISTRIBUTORS dropshipping by newbies who are new to the dropshipping business model, All questions answered. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A) are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context and of a particular topic. If your questions can't be answered using our Frequently Asked Questions resource, please contact us.


Rules of Sales Tax - As a seller, you are required to calculate and charge the state, county, city, and other local sales tax rates where your buyer is located. ALWAYS follow sales tax rules and laws in the state where your buyer is located. NEVER charge a customer another state's sales tax

SALES TAX ID - FAQ - CLICK HEREline-page.jpg

BONUS - CLICK HERE ---> MARKETING STRATEGY (Open the New Windows Site)

An organization's strategy combines all of its marketing goals into one comprehensive plan. A good marketing strategy should be drawn from market research and focus on the right product mix to achieve maximum profit potential and sustain the business. If you are seriously doing a home-based business, please study and be educated before you start the business with us.