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SMITH DISTRIBUTORS will have new 10,000 products, and a NEW APP is coming soon.

Posted by Owen Smith on 26th Feb 2021

Hello Everyone!

I have some very exciting news to announce to you. I have been searching, searching and found some more products for you to see and resell. Our staff are very hard at work gathering 10,000 new products.

There are a few changes for you to see. Here they are:

#1 Data feed CSV File Prices - $1.00 increase to $2.00, this is a one time fee for processing the file because of the expansion of the new products on the list. Also, I am working on the New APP integration that is an automatic inventory sync, updates etc.

#2. Great News! For our small business reseller, customers will have some products with FREE SHIPPING from our on line store. Are you excited? Yes, we are too. This will help you to better resell the products as your customer orders come in.

#3. We will add more every week. A few hundred each week until we reach 10,000 new products. You will notice a new category list which will show up soon. Give us a little time as we are working hard to add these products over the next few weeks to complete the new products list of what we will be selling.

Yes, we are so excited to have these new products. You will love our company and products. It will start on Feb. 25th, 2021 to from by on. Keep eyes on New Category or New Arrival Post.

I will work some changes to the website. This year will impact you lots of reselling and do better business growth.

We will be a successful business as same as your business will be a success too.

Thank you for listening to our news announcement. have a Great Day.

Your Sincerely,

Owen Smith