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INTRODUCTION - The name of our company is "SMITH DISTRIBUTORS" located in Clio, Michigan U.S.A. Smith Distributors is a home-based business (FOUNDED 2003), specializing in the sale of quality homes and garden products. Owen Smith is the Founder of Smith Distributors. Owen Smith did build and web-design this website. He is very creative in his own business.

SMITH DISTRIBUTORS came into existence in 2003 and after 19 years has become one of the most successful catalogs on the market. For this, we are pleased, proud, and grateful.

We are pleased because our customers have confirmed our belief that if the products, we offer are new, exciting, innovative, and of excellent quality, they will be purchased.

We are proud because we know, we are a company that keeps its word to its customers, that guarantees that any merchandise can be returned within 30 days if it proves to be disappointing in any way and that always lets our customers know if there is to be a delay in delivery.

We are grateful to customers like you because you confirm our beliefs that fine service and quality result in satisfied customers. Without you, there would be no reason to be pleased or proud.

We thank you for registering at SMITH DISTRIBUTORS and for allowing us to be served to you.

We hope that you will be pleased with our new selections. I hope you like that online store. Those are pretty lots to have those items. We have been working hard to make a deal to have those incoming more products to sell to our customers and small business owners.

Thank you for agreeing to take part in this important survey measuring customer satisfaction for SMITH DISTRIBUTORS. Today we will be gaining your thoughts and opinions to better serve you in the future. This survey should take 4-5 minutes to complete. Be assured that all answers you provide will be kept in the strictest confidentiality.


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Do you dream of building a successful home-based business? Does the thought of being your boss and setting your hours make you giddy with delight? Working from home is part of the new American Dream.
Why are we doing this? Well, we are just doing a drop-ship distributor to people. Yes, we are very excited about that opportunity.
SMITH DISTRIBUTORS will be the largest number of products online store ever you see for my reason to be a better company expand products and expand of small business owners. I applaud that. I am very happy to know that. We have to change different tastes for them to buy our products.
You may give your home a complete makeover indoors and out with our products. Search or browse through our listings and discover the awesome choice of new products available for you to buy. We have something for everyone on your shopping list, him, her, or the one who has it all.
We do the selling on the Internet, home parties, catalog distribution, wholesaling, and as we call selling! We aim to delight you with our emporium of high-quality home and garden merchandise from around the world.  We also have service Retail Businesses, Wholesale Distributors (DROPSHIPPING PROGRAM). Our products are of the highest quality. We are associated with a supplier of specialty merchandise that continuously searches the world (including the U.S.A.) for high-quality, low-cost merchandise for sale, at substantially large discounts. New arrivals are available every month.
The graphics shown on this website is very, very tiny representations of what is available. We have worked diligently, turning this business into a well-respected, built-by-faith, family business. The word “family” means more than related by blood. We have licensed distributors of gift and novelty merchandise. Our experience and product list are extensive enough to help find the right gift ideas for a special occasion.
At our Gift Ideas Store, you can buy top sellers in gifts, collectibles, homes, garden, and seasonal decor. You can give your home a complete makeover indoors and out with our products. Search or browse through our listings and discover the awesome selection of new products available for you to purchase. We have something for everyone on your shopping list, him, her, or the one who has it all.
Our merchandise is top quality and 100% guaranteed. We also have service Customers. We take pride in ourselves to deliver the best quality of merchandise on time and at the cost of effective manners. All orders are shipped within 48 hours and, all merchandise is guaranteed or your money back. We want our customers to feel secure purchasing from us. While realizing that exciting, quality merchandise is very important, we recognize that only the best customer service will enable us to establish exceptional relationships with our customers.

line-page.jpg An Established & Fast-Growing Company-

Continuous Growth - SMITH DISTRIBUTORS opened its online store in 2003. By 2006SMITH DISTRIBUTORS had become a major provider of quality Wholesale Gifts related items. SMITH DISTRIBUTORS continues to grow and improve in every possible way.

Our goal is to offer Gifts Items at Wholesale Prices while developing a long-term business relationship through caring, honest customer service. We are a Wholesale Dropship Distributor with access to over 60,000 items. This is a completely risk-free opportunity to develop your own business, which you can do from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else! You have the ultimate freedom to create the kind of business that best suits you and your lifestyle. We recommend you read the rest to learn more about our program.

If you are interested in earning extra income or working independently full-time, please take a moment to request information about our business opportunity Dropshipping Program. Smith Distributors gives you consistently low prices every day — including savings of 25% to 35% off prices merchandise. Always-Wholesale Prices 25% OFF - 35% OFF DISCOUNT

We are a nationally known wholesaler of fine products to Gift Shops, Flea Market Vendors, Home Based Businesses, and Auction sellers. We sell to major corporations as well as many independent distributors, business owners, and wholesalers. Most of our products are made in our affiliated offshore factories. We continually search the globe to find the best products, which will make you the most profit. Our primary business is supplying closeout, liquidation and below wholesale merchandise to retailers, wholesalers, and distributors for resale. This operation provides us with very low prices on goods and services giving us the ability to pass the savings on to you, through our online store.

We provide Wholesale Gifts to Retailers, Gift Shops, Wholesalers, Resellers, Auction, etc. We are one of the Largest Wholesalers / Drop shippers with over 20 years of supplying resellers. Smith Distributors are your one-stop wholesale distributing company. Our Giant Distributor catalog with over 60,000 items includes all the products you supply to your customers. The whole family can join in to multiply the profits!

Because of our extensive, solid relationships with manufacturers here and abroad, SMITH DISTRIBUTORS has access to the most cutting-edge technology. The result was reflected in the price and quality of our products.

Wholesale allows you to purchase products for personal use at any SMITH DISTRIBUTORS throughout the U.S. Your Wholesale Distributors Store is valid for a lifetime at any SMITH DISTRIBUTORS Wholesale worldwide, and

We will never miss leading you by telling you something that is not true. Even with modest effort, part-time, you can make much extra cash each month. Today many Independent Distributors & Small Business Owners are selling from these catalogs full-time earning a very nice annual income. Wholesale Distributors Store has to do is sell from his / her catalogs at the suggested retail prices, take the order(s) & collect the money from the customer, place the order(s) and pay for their order(s) at the special below wholesale prices. When the orders arrive, distribute to your customers or your company. What could be easier?