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Data Feed CSV File

Data Feed CSV File


Discover products that you’d like to sell in our dropship catalog. Our latest count is well over 15,000+ products, so you have plenty to choose from! Organize your products into inventory lists that you can export seamlessly to your store.

Here what we will have new products:

CATALOGS - 15,000+ Accents, Accessories, Automobile, Bath and Body, Bathroom, Bedroom, Candleholders, Candles, Dining, Eco-Friendly, Electronics Accessories, Electronics, Electronics II, Fashion, Game Room, Garden, Health & Beauty, Holidays, Home Decor, Home, Household Items, Incense, and Oil Burners, Jewelry, Jewelry II, Kitchen, Kitchen II, Kitchen III, Lighting, Living Room, Mythical and Medieval, Office, Outdoor, Security, Sports and Fitness, Tools and More, Toys, Toys and Games, Watches, Water Fountains.

(39 Full Categories - DATA FEED CSV File)


Easily upload products to popular eCommerce platforms and marketplace sites. You can add hundreds of products to any of the 7 platforms in just a few minutes.

You set up a website or sell on eBay, Amazon, etc... List products on your website or popular auction sites like eBay. Smith Distributors makes uploading products easy, complete with photos, and full product descriptions. Fill out your online store with hundreds of products in minutes! Browse our huge catalog of over 15,000+ for products to sell.


3dcart-logo-new.png  - CSV IMPORT FILE   index.png - CSV IMPORT FILE

shopify-logo-default-cmyk.png  - CSV IMPORT FILE   index1.png - CSV IMPORT FILE

ebay-store.jpg - COPY & PASTE       amazon-logo.png  - XLS IMPORT FILE

kreative-1.jpg - CSV IMPORT FILE    smith-distributors-api.jpg   - API INTEGRATION

microsoft-excel.png - XLS IMPORT FILE


DESCRIPTION FORMATTED - The CSV column field names have the following information:

* Product Number / SKU  * Product Title * Suggested Retail Price * Wholesale Cost

* Product Description * In Stock or Out of Stock * Product Manufacturer

* Item Image URL * Main Category * UPC Codes Fixed Shipping*Quantity Weight 

CSV flat files can be easily opened and manipulated with Microsoft Excel or Open Office plus many other flat-file readers. Most older shopping carts use this format.



Regardless if you're a niche store or sell anything and everything store you will find plenty of products in our catalog that will sell and make you money. You can use our Copy & Paste Titles, Descriptions, Images, etc to create your listings for FREE.

BEST ADVICE - You can use Retail Price + Fixed Shipping = Combined Cost. You put FREE SHIPPING on your eBay Store / Auction.



This is for Amazon's platform will create all product descriptions based on the UPC match. SMITH DISTRIBUTORS is NOT responsible for product errors or misinformation based on the Amazon details. Amazon - XLS IMPORT FILE with SKU, UPC (PRODUCT-ID), Retail Prices + Fixed Shipping Combined (PRICE), QTY.



We also have pre-formatted templates for Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, 3Dcart, Kreative. CSV File Import Products into your website. CSV DATA FEEDIf your site is one of the popular third-party web stores then select your vendor from the list below. The required data-fields for these stores are automatically formatted per the selected vendor's specifications. If you have your own website, then you can import this CSV to your own website, it will save your time. There will have SKU, UPC, Pictures, Retail Price, Wholesale Cost, Quantity, Descriptions, Titles, Fixed Shipping, etc.



Purchase orders are a document buyers send to sellers containing a request for an order. Typically, the purchase order includes a detailed list of the type, quantity, and price of items being ordered. “Purchase order system” simply refers to your business' process for managing purchase orders

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program. That means it's used to create grids of text, numbers and formulas specifying calculations. 

You will see FULL OF PRODUCT INFORMATION. There will have SKU, UPC, Pictures, Retail Price, Wholesale Cost, Quantity, Descriptions, Titles, Fixed Shipping, and "DISCOUNT PERCENT 25%" Etcs Lists.



The SMITH DISTRIBUTORS API provides programmatic access to the SMITH DISTRIBUTORS system. It allows third parties to build custom applications that interface with their SMITH DISTRIBUTORS membership account. Knowledgeable developers can create applications that perform the same operations offered within their respective SMITH DISTRIBUTORS account. API calls are used to initiate actions. Developers can use any programming language as long as the API calls follow the guide listed below. API credentials are required to gain access to the service.

The SMITH DISTRIBUTORS API is an Application Programming Interface allowing members to automatically place orders with SMITH DISTRIBUTORS using a set of tools for building a software application. There is a second API available for querying products.

Integrate our SMITH DISTRIBUTORSs inventory to automatically upload product data and sync inventory quantities with over 25 online store platforms, marketplaces, and multi-channel management platforms.

25 Popular Online Store Platforms Lists - 3D Cart, Agora Cart, BigCommerce, Big Cartel, Cart 66, Ecwid, Foxy Cart, IndieMade, Jigoshop, Magento, Open Cart, OSCommerce, Presta Shop, Shopify, Squarespace, Storenvy, Ultra Cart, Volusion, WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, Yahoo Commerce, XCart, Zen Cart.  

Full Product Data Integration 

Automatically upload dropship products into your e-commerce store with multiple images, parent/child variations, attributes, and more.

  • Automatically upload titles, images, descriptions, categories and more.
  • Product data and inventory sync with no file uploads.

Our website will be a connector with your Online Store (Varies e-commerce platform) to keep automatic updates with our products. Better than Manual CSV Files. We will give you API Credential Detail for your Web Developer to put in your website for you. You will get 15,000 FULL PRODUCT DATA INTEGRATION into your online store. 



If you want to do a manual or few CSV Files, then Use the Online Form Bottom.

This is for Full Products Automatically Only. 



If all you need is product images and descriptions for products, then this plan is for you. Our data feeds are updated daily so you can download them as often as you wish to keep your website or your marketplace account up to date. We have these UPC for our products. You can import this file into your website store. You only need to do this once for start-up and all future updates by e-mail to you to replace the new CSV file.

There will have Pictures, Retail Price, Wholesale Cost, Inventory (Out of Stock), Descriptions, Titles, Fixed Shipping, UPC, etc. 

SMITH DISTRIBUTORS will charge you for CSV File this time. Data Feed CSV File Fees for Processing.

PACKAGE - Wholesale Price with 25% OFF Discount / Profit Margins: (SIGN UP FREE )

  • After you sign up for your free wholesale account.
  • There will be $2.00 fees (1 time) EACH CATEGORY for CSV file processing.
  • There will be $39.00 fees (1 time) 39 FULL CATEGORIES for CSV file processing.
  • The Original Fee was $78.00. We offer you a 50% OFF SPECIAL DISCOUNT on fee is $39.00. You save $39.00 a fee.
  • "FILL OUT THE FORM and we will be in contact with you shortly!"
  • If you want to have an UPDATE same CSV File, then Recurring feeds will automatically update on a daily schedule.
  • After 30-days the feed will expire and you must create a new file if you need continued access.
  • It's FREE to provide for your UPDATE needs.
  • Just come to Contact Us to have a Live Chat or E-mail us either. We can e-mail to you for an Update for FREE
  • There will be 7 DAY FREE TRIAL, After that will be $29.99 fees (a monthly39 FULL CATEGORIES (INTEGRATIONS) for Product data and inventory sync with no file uploads. 
  • Please note: All fees are non-refundable.


You look at left column categories to pick 1 or 2 even a few - Pick 19 Categories separate each of the files. You have to tell me what is specific to the category. If you have your own website, then you can import this CSV to your website, it will save you time. There will have Pictures, Retail Price, Wholesale Cost, Inventory (Out of Stock), Descriptions, Titles, Fixed Shipping, etc. Is that neat?

Wholesale Price with 25% OFF Discount / Profit Margins (SIGN UP FREE). There will be in "CSV "Retail Price" Lists.

All you have to do subtract by calculation 25% OFF will be your profits margin. The rest of it will be paying a wholesale price to our online store. Is it easy to do that right?

ATTENTION: If you are a 35% OFF Discount Member (PAID SUBSCRIBE) don't use this form. Please contact Live Chat or e-mail to give you a private link free form as NO FEES form.

So, We can know what you want to see or import into your e-commerce. We will e-mail you with Data Feed CSV File.

*BE ADVISE* Whenever you fill out the form (bottom form). If You decide not to pay the fee for CSV File Processing, or If you forgot to pay the fee either. We will hold the form for 5 days afterward it will be discarded. You have a chance to come back to pay for this. We will not give to you the CSV File until you paid.

Please "Pay Now PayPal Button (bottom pageFill out the form and we will be in contact with you shortly!"  THANKS!


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